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Always-on utility for complete industry transparency 

The promise of programmatic advertising was to enable advertisers to reach their target audiences with unprecedented efficiency. But complexity across the programmatic supply chain - and, in particular, the data asymmetry this complexity has produced - means this potential is still to be fully unlocked.

While the data available in a programmatic campaign is undeniably powerful, this can only be leveraged via access to – and the matching of – all the impression LLD generated at every step of the journey from initial media buy to consumer reach and engagement. Matching that data and making it available in one place as the shared source of truth is incredibly complex and needs purpose-built technology. This is TAG TrustNet.

The 'industry utility' that connects and matches impression log-level data across the programmatic supply chain for complete transparency

Launched by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the world’s leading programme to fight criminal activity and protect brand safety in digital advertising, and developed in partnership with technology partner Fiducia, TAG TrustNet is the always-on industry utility for connecting and matching impression log-level data (LLD) at scale.


As a global cross-industry initiative, TAG TrustNet automates the deterministic reconciliation of impression LLD across the supply chain and generates immutable records as ‘shared truth’, a unified record for every single ad running through the supply chain made available in near real-time.

A complex process made easy
with TAG TrustNet

Taking control of your supply chain in a 3-step process:

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1. Access

TAG TrustNet enables access, harmonization and matching of DSP, Ad Verification, and SSP log-level data (LLD) across an advertiser’s programmatic supply chain. This data can be correlated over the Data Exchange with other third-party data sets, including carbon emissions and DEI.

Track LLD-compliant


2. Analyze

TAG TrustNet provides analysis of the complete waterfall of your investment throughout the supply chain, from initial media buy to delivery, to benchmark you supply chain against industry averages and identify optimisation opportunities. 

Benchmark your

supply chain

3. Activate

With a Enterprise license your data becomes actionable, enabling you to optimize ad spend productivity using the TrueKPI Framework created to assist marketers in aligning supply chain incentives with goals to optimize value.

Optimize your
ad spend 


of your programmatic supply chain

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