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TAG TrustNet 
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tackling the industry trust problem

After extensive evaluation and consultation, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) has decided to launch the TAG TrustNet, a new phase of TAG’s ongoing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) initiative conducted in partnership with Fiducia as the platform and infrastructure provider.


This follows a twelve-month cross-industry pilot program initiated by JICWEBS, prior to its merger with TAG, and a subsequent industry consultation led by TAG with UK partners to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of DLT to increase trust and transparency in digital advertising,  

This next phase will allow industry participants to take an active role in the launch of a collaborative industry consortium network dedicated to resolving the industry trust problem by enhancing accountability while driving business efficiencies.

driving accountability & business efficiency

The TAG TrustNet will initially focus on:

  • Running a fully functional live DLT network with a selected number of participants committed to develop a more accountable, efficient, trustworthy industry.

  • Providing ongoing reconciliation of impression data across participant supply chains.

  • Enabling participants to access and integrate the reconciled data to their own systems over a unified network API to develop their own use cases.

  • Allowing participants to retain full control of access to their data over encrypted keys.

  • Forming the entity to define the network governance and operating principles.

  • Measuring compliance against given metrics, including the verification of TAG certification status, strengthening the industry’s fight against ad fraud and other brand safety concerns.

Participate to the TAG TrustNet

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multiple benefits of DLT for digital advertising

participant direct benefits 

The TAG TrustNet provides the opportunity for each participant to validate the direct benefits the DLT network provides by using the platform API to integrate the data flow to their existing systems and define their own use cases and metrics.

Direct benefits can be summarised as follows:

participant indirect benefits
The TAG TrustNet also provides a number of indirect benefits:

  • Innovation: get the opportunity to shape an industry collaborative network driving trust, transparency and business efficiency.

  • Governance: contribute to the definition of governance and operating principles in the best interest of the industry, participating companies and consumers.

  • Advertising channel: demonstrate that digital advertising can be an effective, safe and trusted channel for reaching consumers.

  • Early Adopter: as an early adopter leverage your DLT-based process optimisations, applications and products as a business differentiator, reducing costs and driving value.

how to participate

  • Set-up an internal working group to evaluate TAG TrustNet use cases for your organisation and define a project plan.

  • Provide information on log file availability and fields.

  • Get the participant agreement signed.

  • Get your network node deployed and configured for data input, matching and export.

  • Activate data feeds and implement project plan.

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