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Optimising towards TrueCPMs to increase working media

By implementing the TrueKPI Framework over the Fiducia LLD platform, a major CPG company together with its programmatic agency, IPG, increased TrueImpressions matching pre-defined quality and price requirements by +38.7% and brought TrueCPM down by -27.9% within 5 months.

TrueCPM optimization

By implementing the TrueKPI Framework, marketers use a decision tree to define a TrueImpression using their own quality metrics. The default values for a TrueImpression are that it must: be matched with data from the DSP and Ad Verification tool, be measurable, brand safe, non-IVT, and the domains reported by the Ad Verification tool and DSP need to be the same. The TrueCPM is calculated by dividing the Total Ad Spend by the TrueImpressions, multiplied by 1000. You can find more information on TrueCPM and the TrueKPI  Framework HERE.

CPG Case Study 





UK & Germany

April to September 2023

Using TAG TrustNet, the advertiser and its programmatic agency, sought to develop an always-on, data led approach to increase the percentage of working media and improve the cost efficiency of its media buying.

  • Access and reconcile impression data from DSP, SSP and Ad Verification partner.

  • Provide operational teams access to unified dashboarding to isolate best performing exchanges and sellers.

  • Develop an advertiser specific set of criteria to define a “True Impression” to evaluate each exchange and each seller against.

  • Generate TrueAdSpend and TrueCPM benchmarks based on unoptimised spend to gauge and track improvement and value.


  • The advertiser and agency evaluated core ad-delivery metrics based on Ad Spend such as DSP > Ad Verification Match Rates, Measurability to update core market buying strategies.

  • Adjustment of existing inclusion and exclusion lists based on the Sellers delivering against TrueAdSpend and TrueCPM goals.

  • New dedicated line items to redistribute underperforming media budget to top performing SSPs based on TrueAdSpend and TrueCPM goals.

  • Early-stage integrations into custom bidding algorithms to increase frequency and granularity of optimisations.


TrueImpressions increase: +38.7%  

TrueCPM reduction: -27.9% 

Viewable TrueImpressions increased by +38.7% over the optimization period while viewable TrueCPM decreased by -27.9% over the 5-month period when optimizing media productivity using matched log-level data cost and quality metrics.

Use suppliers providing access to LLD to implement the TrueKPI Framework and optimise ad spend productivity using TrueCPMs

Find out more about how impression log-level data, connected through TAG TrustNet and the implementation of the TrueKPI Framework can help you optimize your programmatic supply chain productivity, or get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page. 

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Ed Stevenson
VP Sales
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