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By helping marketers to access, reconcile, and manage all the LOG-LEVEL DATA in their programmatic supply chains, Fiducia helps brands better analyze, optimize, and govern their programmatic campaigns.

Our Log-level Data Management platform and TrueKPI optimization framework enable brands and their agencies to examine, and act upon, the complete waterfall of an advertiser’s programmatic investment, from initial media buy to impression delivery, including:


How much is spent on demand- and supply-side platform transaction and data fees.


How much is spent on valid, viewable, and measurable impressions on genuine media, matching advertiser requirements, otherwise known as ‘TrueImpressions’.


How campaigns perform against key compliance issues, including brand safety, DEI, sustainability, privacy or media bias.

Fiducia’s Log-Level Data (LLD) management platform and solutions enable more accountable, responsible, and efficient programmatic advertising. We power log-level data management for major advertisers and, in partnership with the Trustworthy Accountability Group, developed TAG TrustNet, the industry utility for supply chain transparency and optimization. TAG TrustNet and the Fiducia technology platform are behind the ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study.

Find out more about the Fiducia platform and how its initiatives are helping to solve for transparency in the digital media supply chain:


Our methodology to optimise ad spend productivity by +20% using TrueKPIs.

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ANA Transparency Study

Using LLD to address the findings of the ANA Programmatic Transparency Study.

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Data Exchange

The Exchange to connect data feeds on top of your supply chain LLD, to get to the next level of visibility

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Benchmark your supply chain against the ANA Study findings and define your optimization plan.

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Solutions Partner Program

Leverage your data using AI based and other technology solutions to further optimize your supply chain.

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LLD Register

Find out companies supporting impression LLD in programmatic advertising.

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Find out more about how TAG TrustNet and the Fiducia LLD Management Platform can help you gain full control of your programmatic supply chain by filling out the form below.

You can also contact: 

Ed Stevenson
VP Sales
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