"JICWEBS urges media industry to join blockchain pilot to boost trust and efficiency in digital advertising"





the JICWEBS DLT Industry Consortium Network 

the JICWEBS DLT pilot

JICWEBS, the UK digital ad trading standards body created by AOP, IAB, ISBA and IPA, is launching an industry wide pilot to evaluate how the FIDUCIA DLT platform can contribute to resolve the trust, transparency and inefficiency problems the industry is facing.

for the industry by the industry

The JICWEBS DLT pilot will be run across 2019 as a testing and validation framework run “for the industry by the industry”. Upon successful completion the Pilot is planned to lead to the launch of the "always on" JICWEBS DLT Industry Consortium Network in H1 2020.

participants across the value chain

Representatives from each area of the digital advertising value chain are invited to participate to the Pilot. This includes advertisers, their agencies and trading desks, demand side platforms (DSPs), supply side platforms (SSPs), exchanges, publishers, verification companies and other intermediaries. 

JICWEBS DLT Pilot participants among first to experience the multiple benefits of blockchain/DLT for digital advertising

why should I take part?
Be part of the solution to redefine digital advertising as an industry based on Trust, Transparency and Efficiency by becoming a founding member of to the JICWEBS Consortium Network.

early adopter 

Gain first mover advantage and knowledge as an early DLT adopter and leverage benefits to stay ahead of competition.



Help define governance principles to provide clarity on the rules under which the DLT network operates.


budget control

Understand how the  budget is spent across the value chain to achieve a better ROI for advertisers, or to get recognition for added value as a contributor.


wastage control

Collaborate with network participants to reduce wastage of non-viewable impressions, bad practices and fraud and get additional business as a trusted participant.


operational efficiency

Streamline reconciliation and settlement over smart contracts reducing administrative workload and payment times.

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