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TAG TrustNet


cross-industry pilot
validating industry
transparency utility

Successful 2 year cross-industry pilot

major industry players

Over 2 years Fiducia ran an extensive industry pilot with major brands, including Unilever, Nestlé, McDonalds, Virgin, O2/Telefonica, Johnson & Johnson, Santander; the larger agency trading groups WPP, Publicis, OMG, Havas, IPG, Dentsu; and 40 technology vendors and publishers.  

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“J&J and J3 are excited to be supporting the potentially ground-breaking TAG TrustNet pilot, helping lay down the foundations to a more transparent programmatic ecosystem. Only together as a cross-industry consortium can we truly solve this problem, and it’s great to see so many partners willing to take part.”

Simon Reip, Head of Digital J3, UM for Johnson & Johnson

Impression Match Rate +95%
TAG TrustNet achieved deterministic match rates between impression log-file data sets of +95% and reduced the unknown delta to a marginal amount. The analysis of the reconciled data provided the following results:




Ad spend breakdown

39% of the ad-spend went to delivery costs and 61% to media


Ad spend productivity

26% of programmatic ad-spend could be spent more efficiently by improving cost efficiency (10%) and advertising effectiveness (16%)


TAG certified ad impressions

TAG Certified impressions are 2x more brand safe and fraud free than non-certified impressions

Presentation2 2021-09-30 16-09-54.jpg

TAG Trustnet can provide the answers advertisers have always been looking for when it comes to digital advertising: a unified view of our supply chain by connecting the data from all our suppliers. The pilot has convinced us that a transparency platform acting as an industry utility is the right solution to help us understand where our ad spend is going and to optimise our media spend accordingly.” 

Sohel Modi, Ad tech Strategy & Implementation lead at Telefonica

To know more about the TAG TrustNet pilot
and how to get involved, please contact:

Phill Hayman
Customer Success Director, Fiducia

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