DLT pilot



the Pilot validated the benefits 
of DLT for digital advertising 
leading to an industry consultation 
the TAG DLT Industry Consortium Network
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major industry players

The Pilot has been running since July 2019 with major industry brands, including Nestlé, McDonalds, Virgin, O2/Telefonica, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Santander, their related agencies,

 WPP, Publicis, Omnicom, Havas, IPG, Dentsu and a number of technology vendors and publishers part of their supply chains.

across the supply chain

The Pilot integrated 20 data feeds across DSPs, CV providers, SSPs, Publishers and Ad servers including the use of data dictionaries to map data fields and identities. It analysed 112 million impressions amounting to £1.4M of programmatic ad spend across 127 campaign placements.

TAG DLT Industry Consultation - Townhall

benefits for participants & industry

The key Pilot learnings is that a DLT platform, providing the required throughput and security at a reasonable cost, can act as an enabler to drive significant benefits: 

  • For the industry as a whole, driving accountability over Live Compliance - the validation of ad impressions against a set of requirements defined by a contract, a standard or by law.

  • For individual companies, driving business efficiency over Live Reconciliation - the automated reconciliation of ad impressions across supply chains.

The DLT platform also allowed to run Smart Contracts to automate business processes between ad buyers and sellers, providing significant operational efficiencies and actionable insights for ad optimisation.

"For me the focus of this project is ultimately about digital advertising payments and reconciliation of the supply chain. While the internet made information accessible to everyone, we hope blockchain as a technology – and specifically DLT, as used in this pilot – will start to create accountability for the transactional aspects of the internet.


While driving efficiencies, it will also enable greater transparency in line with real, demanding regulatory requirements in a way that will allow us to regain the trust we’ve lost.”

Nigel Vaz, IPA President and CEO Publicis Sapient

The Pilot provided the following validations:

supply chain transparency
The use of DLT to harmonise impression log level data to a common format, automate data access management, ensure data security and privacy, and streamline the access to supply chain reconciled log level data via a single API. 

supply chain optimisation
The use of DLT for the execution of campaigns against a set of metrics reconciled among multiple vendors including discrepancies, measurability, viewability, brand safety or fraud prevention. This process allowed to identify areas representing 34% of advertising budgets that could be spent more efficiently. For the £2B UK open programmatic marketplace this could represent up to £680M.

operational efficiencies
The DLT platform successfully tested how Smart Contracts can automate business processes between ad buyers and sellers providing significant operational efficiencies. Research conducted with agencies indicated that programmatic teams spend 60% of their time downloading, formatting and reconciling data, compared with just 20% analysing it. 

live compliance
The Pilot confirmed the interest of the industry for an always on solution using the accountability and compliance potential of DLT technology and its ability to differentiate Trusted Business Partners based on their ongoing compliance with industry, legal or self-defined measurable requirements.

TAG DLT Industry Consultation - Townhall
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