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Sign up for the ANA-TAG TrustNet Programmatic Transparency Benchmark and take control of your digital media investments

Join the call for programmatic transparency and gain crucial insights into the missed opportunities in your own supply chain

The ANA and TAG TrustNet have joined forces to launch the Programmatic Transparency Benchmark as the next step in the industry’s necessary journey towards transparency following the findings of the ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study

The Benchmark collects, reconciles, and analyzes participating brands’ log-level data (LLD) to establish supply chain metrics against which individual marketers can regularly assess their own programmatic campaigns. The aggregated data will be released on a quarterly basis to help drive industry progress, while each participating advertiser will receive its own confidential monthly metrics to better understand MFA activity, transaction costs, media quality (ad fraud, viewability), sustainability, and DEI compliance in their own programmatic campaigns.

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Individual benchmark metrics, provided exclusively to participating advertisers, help brands identify areas of optimization in their own ad spend productivity by comparing their own supply chain metrics to the aggregated Benchmark averages over time.

You can find more information on the benchmark by downloading the Benchmark Background Information and Early Findings here:

Gain actionable insights into your programmatic supply chain 

By reconciling and validating log-level data (LLD) across supply chains, the Benchmark shows the complete waterfall of your programmatic investments, from initial media buy to final ad delivery, and so reveals:


  • How much investment is spent in platform and data costs

  • How much investment goes to valid, viewable, and measurable impressions on genuine websites, otherwise known as TrueImpressions

  • The areas of greatest risk and opportunity in maximizing your programmatic ROI

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The ANA and TAG TrustNet encourage
all advertisers, large or small, to participate
in the Benchmark to drive more value

in a more efficient marketplace

Through the ANA - TAG TrustNet Benchmark you can: 

Eliminate information asymmetry
Ensure you gain full access to the data generated by your campaigns held by the providers operating in your supply chain.

Unlock media value

Better identify true value and the partners that help to deliver it.

Craft a sustainable solution 

Improve the accountability and effectiveness of your programmatic media trading.

Go one step further and make your Benchmark insights actionable to optimise your ad spend productivity

Make your data actionable at all times


Participating in the Benchmark with the activation of your providers’ LLD feeds is the first step to actionable supply chain transparency. With a full Fiducia enterprise license, you can access all the data used to generate your Programmatic Transparency Benchmark and optimize ad spend productivity in near real-time. 

The ANA Study has validated that, with the use of the Fiducia LLD Management Platform to connect and reconcile impression log-level data and price impressions using a set of quality metrics, ad spend productivity can be improved by well over 20%.


Find out more about how your impression LLD feeds over the Fiducia platform can help you optimize your programmatic supply chain productivity, or get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page. 

You can also contact: 

Ed Stevenson
VP Sales
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