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Activate any data feeds and take full control

The TAG TrustNet Data Exchange expands your programmatic transparency by activating value-added data feeds on top of your supply chain data, allowing marketers to connect and reconcile ALL their transactional and qualitative data feeds in one place

The Data Exchange provides marketer with the next level of visibility, especially in key areas such as DEI and privacy. Our first three partnerships encompass:

  • DEI - Diverse media spending goals

  • MFA - Reduce Made-For-Advertising waste 

  • Privacy - Strengthen privacy compliance

As an open platform, these partnerships will be extended by TAG TrustNet to other areas, including sustainability or governance, but can also be extended at the request of marketers to their existing partners. 

TAG TrustNet Data Exchange
Data Exchange Neturonian logo

Minority Ownership Rating (Neutronian)

Based on Neutronian’s NQI Minority Ownership Verification, TAG TrustNet will integrate validation and scoring of publishers or companies who identify as minority owned, including female-owned and LGBTQ+ owned businesses, so brands can better achieve their DEI goals.

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MFA Site Identification (

MFA site identification - Using’s Publisher Risk platform, TAG TrustNet will help marketers identify and non-performant and low-quality MFA sites from their campaigns.

Data Exchange Safeguard Privacy logo

Privacy Compliance (SafeGuard Privacy)

Privacy compliance - In partnership with SafeGuard Privacy’s Vendor Compliance Hub software, TAG TrustNet will be able to show marketers that their supply chain partners are transparently demonstrating their privacy compliance.

Press Release

Read the full story of these partnerships.

Find out more about how the TAG TrustNet Data Exchange can help you gain full control of your programmatic supply chain on key compliance issues by filling out the form below.

You can also contact: 

Phillip Hayman
Customer Success Director
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