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Your next level of visibility into your supply chain

The Fiducia Data Exchange expands your programmatic supply chain insights by allowing you to overlay a range of data feeds to your supply chain LLD in key areas, correlating ALL your transactional and qualitative data using the Fiducia platform as your one-stop data hub.

The Data Exchange provides marketer with the next level of visibility, especially in key areas such as Fraud, Malware, Brand Safety, Transparency, DEI, MFA, Sustainability, Privacy, Media Bias. Our partnerships currently encompass:

  • Fraud, Malware, Brand Safety, Transparency - TAG verified and certified suppliers

  • DEI - Diverse media spending goals

  • MFA - Reduce Made-For-Advertising waste 

  • Privacy - Strengthen privacy compliance

  • Media Bias - Favour quality journalism

As an open platform, these partnerships will be extended to other areas, including sustainability or governance, but can also be extended at the request of marketers to their existing partners. 

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TAG Verified and Certified Suppliers

Using TAG Certifications helps marketers to filter impressions coming from suppliers verified and certified by TAG for fraud, malware, brand safety or transparency, and evaluate how certified business partners allow to better achieve marketing goals.


DEI Minority Ownership Rating
and Data Privacy Scores

Using Neutronian’s NQI Minority Ownership Verification, helps marketers to integrate validation and scoring of publishers or companies who identify as minority owned, including female-owned and LGBTQ+ owned businesses, to better achieve their DEI goals. Neutronian also provides Data Privacy Scores (DPS) based on a review of publicly available data that gets scored based on 3 categories: Privacy & Compliance, Data Disclosures, Company background


MFA Site Identification

Using’s Publisher Risk platform helps marketers to identify and filter out non-performant and low-quality MFA sites included in their campaigns.


Privacy Compliance

In partnership with SafeGuard Privacy’s Vendor Compliance Hub software the platforms informs marketers about the privacy compliance of their supply chain partners.

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Media Bias

The Ad Fontes media bias ratings provide advertisers with a trusted data source to confidently invest in premium journalism across news media, unlocking brand safe

incremental reach while safeguarding reputational risk and proactively avoiding the funding of low quality and heavily biased content.

Find out more about how the Fiducia Data Exchange can help you gain full control of your programmatic supply chain on key compliance issues by filling out the form below.

You can also contact: 

Bob Filice
Product Director
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