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Leverage your data with AI and other solutions

The Solutions Partner Program is providing advertisers with a choice of solutions integrated with Fiducia’s LLD Management Platform, to further take control of their programmatic supply chain by leveraging their data to make better, more efficient and responsible data driven media investments.

The Solutions Partner Program opens TAG TrustNet to value-added partners providing solutions using the impression LLD managed by the Fiducia Platform to provide advertisers with more control over their supply chain in areas including:

  • Contract compliance

  • Campaign planning

  • Activation

  • Optimization

  • Attribution

  • Payments

Fiducia’s LLD Management Platform, combined to its Data Exchange and Solutions Partner Program becomes your ONE-STOP UTILITY to take control of your programmatic supply chain by leveraging your data with AI and other advanced technologies driving increment value.

Fiducia Solutions Partner Program (1.0) - 24.2.24 2024-02-26 19-08-25.png

Leverage your data and optimize value with Fiducia’s Solutions Partner Program

Fiducia Solutions Partner Program.png

Partner Solutions driving incremental value

Fiducia’s LLD Management Platform was built to interface with solutions that leverage your data with AI and other technologies driving incremental value.

Find out more about how the Fiducia Solutions Partner Program can help you
leverage your programmatic supply chain LLD by filling out the form below.

You can also contact: 

Bob Filice
Product Director
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