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Log-level data


Fiducia is developing the always-on LOG-LEVEL DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM making the digital advertising supply chain more accountable, responsible and efficient by reconciling every single impression across the programmatic supply chain of advertisers.

Fiducia LLD Manageemnt Platform.png

The Fiducia LLD Management Platform automates the harmonisation and matching of ad impressions log-level data across the participants to programmatic transactions to come up with a single unified record for every ad running through the supply chain, providing an instant assessment of a wide range of quality, cost and compliance metrics that can be acted on in near real-time.

Always-on Supply Chain Monitor

The Supply Chain Monitor is the application allowing marketers to visualise their supply chain and get an instant view of areas that require attention. The Monitor provides access to a wide range of impression-level granular metrics allowing to define optimization strategies and uses the TrueKPI Framework, developed in the context of the ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study, as the methodology to evaluate opportunities  to optimise ad spend productivity by 20% or more by better pricing impressions based on quality requirements. 

Fiducia programmatic advertising  supply chain transparency platform

Fiducia enables responsible and efficient advertising 
by matching LLD for every single ad
running across the programmatic supply chain

Find out more about how the Fiducia LLD Management Platform can help you gain full control of your programmatic supply chain by filling out the form below.

You can also contact: 

Ed Stevenson
VP Sales
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