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Find out which suppliers are LLD registered

Sign up to the TAG TrustNet LLD Register to receive a quarterly update on access and availability of Log-Level Data (LLD) feeds in programmatic advertising. 

The TAG TrustNet LLD Register keeps track of suppliers that provide LLD feeds for advertisers to gain transparency into their programmatic supply chains. Updated and published quarterly, the LLD Register acts as an important record for the industry in its efforts to become fully transparent for clients.

Programmatic advertising is built on a complex supply chain with multiple intermediaries providing a range of products and services but with one point in common: all programmatic transactions produce impression LLD for any participant in a transaction. 

With access to LLD, brands can take control of their programmatic supply chains to better optimize ad spend productivity, and evaluate important areas such as brand safety, sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

TAG TrustNet LLD Register

TAKE CONTROL of your programmatic supply chain


TAG TrustNet was launched as an industry initiative to connect, harmonize and match impression LLD feeds across suppliers to make the programmatic industry transparent, more accountable, and more effective for advertisers.

Find out more about how impression LLD connected through TAG TrustNet can help to maximize your programmatic supply chains, or get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page. 

For information on how to be part of the register as an industry supplier, please contact: Adrian

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