distributed ledger technology 

for digital advertising 



Supply chain transparency to optimise
ad spend productivity

The Fiducia platform automates the ongoing reconciliation of ad impressions across participants to a transaction and provides an instant assessment of your supply chain that can be acted on in near real-time.  


Fiducia enables accountable, responsible, efficient

advertising by delivering a unified record of every single ad

running across the supply chain in near real-time

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accountable, responsible, efficient

Fiducia is dedicated to providing the TAG TrustNet cross-industry network with an always-on platform to certify the digital advertising supply chain and allow its members to be accountable, make responsible business decisions and improve efficiency. 


cross-industry network

TAG TrustNet was launched by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) together with Fiducia as the provider of the technology platform in July 2021 as a global industry initiative following a 2-year cross-industry pilot and industry consultation to validate the Fiducia distributed ledger technology (DLT).  


high frequency platform

Fiducia’s patent pending high frequency DLT platform has been developed since 2017 as an industry solution designed to provide the speed and scale to match data across the digital advertising supply chain for a reasonable cost. The Fiducia technology is building on the leading global enterprise blockchain solution R3/Corda, widely used in the banking and insurance industries.


millions of transactions per second

The Fiducia platform automates the execution, reconciliation and settlement of advertising campaigns at impression level,

processing millions of transactions per second and recording them in an immutable ledger as "Shared Truth": a unified record for every single ad running through the supply chain made available in near real-time. 

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