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ANA - TAG TrustNet 

Programmatic Transparency Benchmark

Day 1 - Session 1

ANA Study: what next?


Alison Schiff Managing Editor, AdExchanger speaks about the implications of the ANA Study and the launch of the Programmatic Transparency Benchmark with

Bob Liodice, CEO, ANA

Teresa Fusaro Global IT&D Director Marketing Activation Tech, Reckitt

George Manas CEO, OMD

Day 1 - Session 2

Is the Transparency Juice worth the Squeeze?


Lou Paskalis CEO, AJL Advisory discusses why it's worth the effort for marketers to invest in high-quality, transparent media supply chains with


David Kohl CEO, Symitri and TRUSTX

Tim Brown CEO, Fiducia

Day 1 - Sessions 3

Is the industry "Data Symmetry Ready"? 


Lou Paskalis CEO, AJL Advisory moderates the panel on the implications of the ANA Programmatic Transparency Study to the advertising ecosystem with

Joe Zawadzki Chairman, FxM 

John Piccone President Americas, Adform

Michelle Hulst President, GumGum
Ian Colley CMO & EVP, The Trade Desk

Brian Zaben VP, Ad Tech, Sales & Strategy, Yahoo

Day 1 - Session 4

Why is the Benchmark a major step?

Alison Schiff, Managing Editor, AdExchanger, moderates the panel introducing the Programmatic Transparency Benchmark, what is entailed, and how it supports Sustainability in one easy to implement tool that is free to ANA Members with

John Osborne Director Ad Net Zero
Rob Rakowitz Initiative Lead, GARM

Jerry Daykin ex-Head of Global Media, Beam Suntory 

Mike Zaneis CEO, TAG / TAG TrustNet

Day 2 - Session 1

Benchmark avec CTV?


AJ Brown, COO, Brand Safety Institute,  moderates the panel on the inclusion of CTV in the ANA Programmatic Transparency Benchmark with 


Gabe Greenberg CEO, Octillion

Mike Zaneis CEO, TAG / TAGTrustNet

Day 2 - Session 2
Benchmark: how to take action?

You have seen the Benchmark. You understand areas for drastic improvement in the supply chain. What do you do next?

This session is moderated by Joe Zawadzki Chairman, FxM whose passion for fixing the digital media supply chain is matched by the determination of both Fiducia and FxM to improve across all metrics through the utilization of technology and strategic partnership. Join us as we discuss how to take action that matters with


Bill Duggan Group Exec VP, ANA

Amy Williams CEO, Good-Loop

Lou Paskalis CEO, AJL Advisory

Tim Brown CEO, Fiducia

To learn more about the Programmatic Transparency Benchmark you can download the Background Information & Early Findings document here: Benchmark Background Information & Early Findings

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