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TAG Pilot joined by brands, agencies and other major industry players to boost trust and efficiency in digital advertising





TAG DLT Industry Consortium Network 
Consultation doc visuals 2020-09-03 17-5

the TAG DLT pilot

TAG (formerly JICWEBS) the digital ad trading standards body together with AOP, IAB UK, ISBA and IPA, ran an industry wide pilot to evaluate how the FIDUCIA DLT platform can contribute to resolve the trust, transparency and inefficiency problems the industry is facing.

for the industry by the industry

The TAG DLT pilot has been running since July 2019 as a testing and validation framework. The Pilot is planned to lead to a Minimum Viable Ecosystem and the launch of the "always on" TAG DLT Industry Consortium Network in H2 2021 after the completion of an industry consultation to take place in Oct-Nov 2020.

participants across the supply chain

Representatives from each area of the digital advertising supply chain were included in the Pilot. This includes advertisers, their agencies and trading desks, demand side platforms (DSPs), supply side platforms (SSPs), publishers, verification companies

 and other intermediaries. 

Fiducia DLT Presentation - Gavin (1.2) -

"For me the focus of this project is ultimately about digital advertising payments and reconciliation of the supply chain. While the internet made information accessible to everyone, we hope blockchain as a technology – and specifically DLT, as used in this pilot – will start to create accountability for the transactional aspects of the internet.


While driving efficiencies, it will also enable greater transparency in line with real, demanding regulatory requirements in a way that will allow us to regain the trust we’ve lost.”

Nigel Vaz, IPA President and CEO Publicis Sapient

benefits for participants & industry

The key Pilot learnings is that a DLT platform, providing the required throughput and security at a reasonable cost, can act as an enabler to drive significant benefits: 

  • For the industry as a whole, driving accoutability over Live Compliance, the validation of ad impressions against a set of requirements defined by a contract, a standard or by law.

  • For individual companies, driving business efficiency over Live Reconciliation, the automated reconciliation of ad impressions across the supply chain.

The DLT platform also allowed to run Smart Contracts to automate business processes between ad buyers and sellers, providing significant operational efficiencies and actionable insights for ad optimisation.

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