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Open Position

Lead Software Engineer - Platform


Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is rapidly changing the way we think about and conduct business. Key advantages such as decentralisation, transparency, and security offer tremendous potential for optimising the interactions between market players in different industries, including digital advertising. 


Fiducia is a UK limited company with a US subsidiary, that has been developing a DLT platform to address the lack of trust and transparency in digital advertising. The platform harmonises, matches and records data in an immutable ledger across the supply chain of advertisers in near real time, delivering a unified record for each single ad as the “Share Truth”.


The Fiducia platform is deployed in the context of TAG TrustNet, a global industry consortium network launched jointly with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the leading global initiative fighting criminal activity and increasing trust in the digital advertising industry. TAG’s mission is to eliminate fraudulent traffic, facilitatethe sharing of threat intelligence, and promote brand safety by connecting industry leaders, analyzing threats, and sharing best practices worldwide. The 700+ member TAG community include the world's largest and most influential brands, agencies, publishers, and ad tech providers. TAG was founded in the US by the ANA, the 4A’s and IAB.


Why work for Fiducia?

  • Competitive salary and stock options

  • Experienced and supportive team members 

  • Fast track career development with a forward-thinking company

  • Development of advanced high-impact technology  


Role Overview

Fiducia is looking for an experienced and talented individual, reporting to the CTO, to join its platform software engineering team as part of the launch of its new technology hub in the Greater Manchester area.


Fiducia’s platform team conducts research and develops all core platform protocols and software components, including implementation of patent pending architecture to support ultra-high transactional throughput, granular privacy management, fault-tolerance, and optimised infrastructure for the DLT network. The platform is using R3 Corda software, AWS cloud services and Java/Kotlin as primary programming languages. 


The platform team is responsible to ensure Fiducia Platform and TAG TrustNet reliability, security, flexibility, and suitability for TAG TrustNet applications. 


  • Are you passionate about designing and building secure, scaled, distributed services with low latency messaging and high availability/fault tolerance? 

  • Do you think ensuring availability, processing, and enforcement of dynamic data privacy policies for 100 billion data points every day with 1000 servers owned by different organisations in a distributed environment is an interesting challenge? 

  • Are you ready to make your global footprint joining a world-class, highly cooperative engineering team? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, you could be the person we are looking for!


The Lead Software Engineer position combines technical leadership, architectural design and hands-on development to contribute to Fiducia’s success through expertise in large-scale secure distributed systems. In your role you will need to leverage existing systems to design and create the next generation service architecture. As a candidate you need to have a solid background in the fundamentals of computer science, distributed computing, cryptography, high availability, software development process and best practices.


Your ability to communicate technical concepts effectively, in oral and written forms, and solve complex problems in a team environment will be an important part of the consideration process. 



  • Research and design system components for a next-generation service oriented, ultra-high frequency DLT platform based on R3 Corda

  • Ensure compliance with availability, security, and performance requirements

  • Maintain high standards of quality and performance, including code review process, documentation, quality assurance, fault-tolerance standards, security, and stress-testing

  • Design and implement flexible platform APIs to support the evolving platform application ecosystem, including applications for ad delivery data integration, reconciliation, compliance verification and business intelligence

  • Configure and manage AWS cloud services used for TAG TrustNet operations

  • Develop instrumentation/profiling tools and systems

  • Build platform guidelines for operation and project teams to ensure business continuity and performance

  • Build platform knowledge base for third party application developers 



  • Team oriented, dedicated, creative, outstanding problem solver 

  • +5 years extensive Java/Kotlin experience

  • +3 years hands-on experience in large-scale distributed system architecture, complex software design, high scalability, availability, optimization

  • Extensive technical leadership experience in defining visions, goals and solutions, and managing their completion

  • Strong analytical problem solving and decision-making skills

  • Proven skills in performance tuning, monitoring, and measuring in cloud environments

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