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Get prepared for 2024

cookie deprecation 

cookieless attribution

Prepare for cookie deprecation while increasing your digital ad spend productivity by +30% with the only cookieless AI driven attribution solution using a combination of upper funnel impression LLD and lower funnel clickstream data.

Break free from cookies and optimize marketing performance by using our full-funnel cookieless attribution solution to identify opportunities to spend with confidence higher up in the funnel where costs are cheaper and acquire new customers at a lower CPA.

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With the deprecation of cookies, standard measurement tools are becoming obsolete. Cookie based attribution also had limitations in tracking web journeys across devices and channels, leaving you with:

  • Undervalued upper funnel activity 

  • Overinflated revenue reporting 

  • Wasted marketing spend 


Our AI powered attribution solution uses impression LLD display data – without having to tag creatives – combined to search and social data to build complete web journeys and attributes a value across every touchpoint based on the impact on the chance of conversion.

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Easy to deploy and solving the major

digital attribution problems

Optimizing Google Ads


By feeding our data, that provides 2-3x customer journey length, straight into the Google Ads platform, you are able to better target the top of your funnel where there is less competition.


With prices at the bottom of the funnel steadily increasing and CPA and CPC scaling at a previously unimaginable pace, competing against companies with far higher budgets is fast becoming impossible. By reallocating ad spend up the funnel, our customers have seen a 34% reduction in cost per click, and up to a 89% increase in ROAS. 

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Rebuilding customer journeys for efficient customer acquisition

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Delivering incremental value

while reducing costs

Find out how you can unlock truly accurate attribution and achieve new levels of digital performance by speaking to our experts today.


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Ed Stevenson
VP Sales

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Solutions Partner Program

Building on the Fiducia Log-Level Data Management Platform, the Solutions Partner Program is providing advertisers with a choice of value-added technology solutions to make better, more efficient and responsible data driven programmatic investment decisions as part of TAG TrustNet, the industry initiative to drive trust and transparency in programmatic advertising.

Find out more about the Solutions Partner Program

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