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industry consultation
following successful pilot
soliciting industry input

industry consultation

Following the successful one-year pilot, evaluating the benefits of a collaborative industry consortium network using DLT as an always-on solution to drive accountability and business efficiencies, the initiative is moving into the next phase, an Industry Consultation led by the

Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), formerly JICWEBS, jointly with ISBA, IPA, IAB UK and AOP from October 1 to November 5, 2020.

The purpose of the consultation is to provide you with the opportunity to: 

  • Learn more about the initiative and your Benefits 

  • Provide your Input to best shape the network to your needs 

  • Understand how you can Participate in the proposed network 

  • Contribute your company's views to decide What to do next

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if you missed the October 1 kick-off event you can view the recording here

to participate to the Industry Consultation 

you will find detailed information here

consultation process

The comments of the consultation participants will be reviewed by a Steering Committee formed by TAG, trade associations including ISBA, IPA, IAB UK / IAB TechLab, AOP and any relevant experts, after which the Steering Committee will provide a set of recommendations. TAG will simultaneously lead efforts to structure a consortium for the post-pilot phase and announce a decision about its role in that effort during Q4 2020. 

TAG DLT Industry Consultation - Townhall

minimum viable ecosystem

The industry consultation will lead to the decision to move into the next phase, the Minimum Viable Ecosystem, or MVE, preparing for the network launch. The MVE will be focusing on:

  • Running a fully functional DLT network with a selected number of participants.

  • Deploy the DLT platform to provide: supply chain impression data integrity, live reconciliation, live compliance.

  • Enable participants to access, manage and integrate the reconciled data to their own systems over a unified network API.

  • Enable participants to manage the access to their data over encrypted keys on a need-to-know basis.

  • Form the governance entity to define the network governance and operating principles, and the business model.

The MVE will validate the following network functionalities to prepare for market launch:

live reconciliation

Automated always-on reconciliation of impression data across the supply chain, ensuring data immutability, security and privacy, with an interface allowing participants to control data access and delivery. 

live compliance

Automated always-on validation of reconciled impression data against measurable industry standards, certifications, regulations or self-defined requirement, with an interface providing access to live compliance certificates.

integrations & applications

Unified API allowing participants to integrate reconciled impression data with their own systems or with third party applications.

to know more about the 
DLT Network Minimum Viable Ecosystem
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